Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

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Participate in one of the most vital operations of World War Two.

After fighting in the inhospitable land of Afghanistan, Combat Mission offers us the opportunity to participate in one of the most important battles that took place during World War II, what became known as Operation Overlord.

This fascinating strategy game in real time, puts you into the conflict, in which the armed forces of France, England and America had to cross the English Channel to conquer the French territories dominated by the Nazis. Your role in the game is none other than to make the more difficult strategic decisions, as an Allied General, or join the German army as Kommander of the troops. In your hand is the possibility of changing the events that shaped the history of mankind.

If so far you haven't played any of the titles in the series of Combat Mission, don't worry, because as you walk through the game you'll see that chapter is independent and you don't need to know the history of the others to enjoy the Battle for Normandy. Although the demo version of Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy has only four stages of play, it also features a multiplayer mode and a map editor so you can fight in your own scenes. What are you waiting for to be part of history?


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